Campaigns & Segmentation

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Achieve high marketing ROI using flexible and intuitive marketing tools in the Campaigns & Segmentation App. Enjoy the app tools for advanced segmentation, omnichannel campaign preparation, and accurate and smart execution.

You can use and coordinate a multitude of communication channels to deliver effective results within a personalized omnichannel marketing campaign in the CareCloud platform. Customer segments are created by dividing customers into groups based on specific characteristics so you can handle each group effectively and appropriately in the CareCloud platform and your integrated IT ecosystem. In addition, you can simply use out-of-the-box predefined RFM segments that are automatically updated.

Campaigns & Segmentation application enables you to create omnichannel campaign and system templates, audiences, and campaigns. You can deliver them by E-mail, Web Push, Viber, WhatsApp, Mobile App Push, white post, or text message with one click, thanks to powerful API connectivity.

Click on the "Campaign & Segmentation" icon to enter the application.

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PUSH Notifications

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Guide to Audiences, Segments, and Badges

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