Create a new campaign

To create a new campaign, click on the "E-mailing" - "Campaigns" - "Ongoing" campaigns in the left menu.

Ongoing campaigns will appear.

Click on the "New campaign" icon in the table header.

A "Campaign creation" form will appear.

Fill out the name of your campaign.

Set the priority of your campaign and how and when the campaign will be launched.

Set whether the campaign is a test campaign or not and set the number of days to track the campaign results. "Prepare for manual launch" means that you can start the campaign manually whenever you want. "Postpone and set launch time" means that you can set the date and time of the launch, and the campaign will be launched automatically at that time.

If you promote any product in the campaign, choose what products to see the performance.

Select an audience to be targeted by this campaign and select the template for this campaign.

Choose language version and campaign tag setup.

Save it by clicking on the "Save Changes" button.