New block

To add a new block to the e-mail, drag the "New block" instrument, move it on the desired area, and drop it.

Select for which devices the block is visible. Choose from mobile devices only, desktop devices only, or both devices. Block that is set only for mobile devices will be displayed only to users who read the e-mail on mobile devices. Set whether the block height is manual or adjusts to the content size.

To access the settings of the whole container, click on the "Container option" in the top area and "Basic settings" on the left side. Set the width of the container, position of the container, and vertical column alignment. Choose between "Standard" responsive behavior, which creates a responsive version for mobile devices, and "Static," which does not adjust to the screen size.

Set up the number of columns, their layout by clicking on "Columns" on the left side, and choose from pre-made options.

Or choose the "Custom layout", define Gutter, add columns manually and fill in their respective percentual width.

When everything is set, click on the "Confirm" button.

The new block will appear.

Edit a block

To edit a block, click on the "Edit block" icon.

The same form as for the new block creation will appear.

Move block

To move a block to a different position in the e-mail, drag the block on the "Move block" icon in the left part of the block and move it to the desired position.

Duplicate block

To duplicate a block, click on the "Duplicate block" icon. The new block will appear automatically right after.

Remove a block

To remove a block, click on the "Remove block" icon.

A confirm window will appear.

Click on the "Yes" button to confirm the removal.