Displaying block condition

Condition for displaying block enables or disables displaying of the block to customers with specific attributes. For example, the block can only be displayed to customers of a specific age or region.

To set a condition, click on the "Condition" icon in the left menu for the block.

A form will appear.

Condition builder

To build a simple condition, select the "Condition builder" option.

A form will appear. Select a variable from the list of possible variables. Select an operator

== - is equal
>= - is equal or greater than
<= - is equal or lower than
> - is greater than
< - is lower than
!= - is not equal

Insert a desired value of the property.

When everything is set, click on the "Confirm" button.

Condition expression

To build a more advanced condition, select the "Condition expression" option.

A list of possible variables will appear.

Use the "Condition expression" field to express the condition. Use operators AND (&&) and OR (||) to define the relationship between the conditions.

When everything is set, click on the "Confirm" button.