Image properties - image size, alt text, links

To set the image properties, click on the "Image properties" icon.

General settings

A form will appear. Click on the "General settings" to display general settings.

Image size

Select the size of the image - Original size preserves the original size of the picture. Fill the object will automatically resize the image to match the e-mail body.

Click on the "Defined exact size" to set the custom size.

Select the unit - pixels or percents.

Insert the custom value in the field below.

Alt text

Alt text is a text that will be displayed in a case when the picture can not be loaded (slow connection, image blocking, etc.). This text should briefly describe the picture.

Fill the "Alt text" field with the desired alternative text.

Image alignment

Set the alignment of the image - left, center, or right.

Link on a picture

To set a link on a picture, click on the "Link" icon.

Select the type of URL protocol and insert the desired landing page URL address.

When everything is set, click on the "Confirm" button.