Social networks

Add links to social networks with icons by moving the "Social networks" instrument to the desired position in the e-mail body.

Links to networks

To set links, click on "Social networks."


Select the URL protocol type. Insert the links on social networks. Only icons with filled links will appear.


Style of the icons

Click on the "Basic settings."


Set how the icons will be displayed - In a row or In a column. Set the size of the icons. Set the spacing between the icons.


Select the Icons style - Solid, Outlined, or Minimalistic. Set the Tint of the icons - Black, White, or Colored. Set how the icons will be aligned - Center, Left, or Right.


When everything is set, click on the "Confirm" button.


Remove Social networks

To remove the Social networks from the e-mail, click on the "Remove item" icon above the Social networks.

A confirmation will appear.

Click on the "Yes" button to confirm it.

Move Social networks

To move the Social networks to a different position, click on the "Move object" icon and hold while dragging the image to the desired position. Then release.

Edit Social networks

To edit Social networks, click on the "Edit item" icon.

A form will appear. The editing process is the same as the creation process.