Customer 360 View

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You gain an in-depth understanding of your customers across different applications and platforms in one place with the Customer 360 View App. Provide your marketing team with a better understanding of the purchasing patterns by visualizing all the customer data on one screen. Increase the lifetime value by utilizing a complete 360-degree customer view.

Customer 360 View Application displays all customer's activities, including purchasing behavior, RFM parameters, omnichannel communication, social engagement, and many other entities related to a customer account. You can register a new customer, search for any customer account or view any particular customer-related data in the Customer 360 View App. All customer data is analyzed and shown in well-arranged widgets.

To open the Customer 360 View, click on the Customer 360 View icon.

You can continue to:

Customer Registration

Customer registration allows you to manually create a new customer account directly within the CareCloud interface.
Click here to learn how to register a new customer account.

Customer Account Search

The search feature allows you to find and display any account stored in the CareCloud platform
Click here to learn how to find a customer account.

Customer Account

The customer account displays all the 360-degree data in intuitive widgets and tabs.
Click here to learn how to navigate through the customer account.