Events are a unique entity that you can use to record various activities on the Customer's account. The structure of events allows you to define different types of events with specific properties, group them, and link them to an individual Customer account. You can use events to trigger, manage, and create workflow conditions in the Marketing Automation application. An overview of the events on the Customer account is on the "Events" tab.


Events are sorted into groups that you can create and edit in the "Loyalty & Administration" application. Each group of events has its widget. There is information about the events on the widget, such as its icon, the date when the event occurred, and the name of the event.

Complete events list

To view the complete list of events on the Customer account, click on the "Complete events list" icon at each widget.

A table will appear. There is information about an icon, the date when the event occurred, the name of the event, attributes of the event, external ID, secondary external ID, and action column.

To view event attributes, hover over the Event attributes column, and the event's attributes will appear.

Add an event to the Customer account

To add an event to the Customer account, click on the "Add an event" icon at each widget.

"The add event to the customer account" window will appear.


Select event group and event type.


Click on the "Add the event" button.