Creating tasks

Open application "Customer 360 View".

In the left menu, choose "Tasks" and "Tasks overview".

The table with the tasks overview will appear. To create the new task, click on the icon "New task" in the header of the table.

In the left column, create Task name, choose Task type and fill the Description. Select which user the task should be assigned to, the due date, the task’s priority, and the status. Eventually, it is possible to insert files and fill message to the customer.


If it is necessary to assign the task to the specific customer, put the details in the search tool in the right column, find the account that you want to assign the task to, and select it by click.


When everything is set, click on the button "Save".


The new task will display in the tasks overview, where it is possible to search for the tasks or filter the tasks.

To edit the parameters, add the comment or view the added comments at the specific task, click on the icon "Edit".

After editing the parameters, save the task and check it in the tasks overview.