Campaign & Marketing automation reward use case

You will find an example of Campaign & Marketing automation reward use in a specific case below.

Use Case Principle

Buy a product and get another product with a discount in percentages.

Use Case detailed description:

When you buy any Apple brand product over 500 EUR, you get Apple AirPods with a 30% discount. The promotion is valid only in March, can be used no more than twice in the specified period, and can only be used for one product in the purchase. The promotion is valid only for the VIP customer segment in the E-shop.

Description of the reward preparation procedure:

Fill out the reward Name, Abbreviated Name, and a Note for clear rewards administration by describing this reward’s principle.


In the "Reward conditions" (mandatory shopping cart content) section, you set up the mandatory shopping cart content to qualify for the reward. You may choose values from the Brand, Product group or Products dropdowns to define what must be contained in the shopping cart to redeem the reward. Select Apple brand for this reward. Limit the reward redemption from the Brand of products to products only in the given price limit. Set EUR 500 as the minimum product price here.


You will find more detailed information on the "i" icon.


Set up a product that the customer gets as a reward. Select Apple Airpods in this use case. The product defined in the reward must be included in the shopping cart (even in the case of calling API, send it with the purchase event).


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In the "Rewards price and quantity settings" section, you choose the type of reward (fixed /percentage discount, discounted product price) and whether the rewards redemption costs rewards points. You can limit the minimum purchase value. Set the reward type to Percentage discount and set the Discount value to 30%. Do not change the other default settings.


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In the Advanced reward settings, you set up the voucher validity, restriction to specific stores, and next properties. You can limit the reward to specific business units set up the reward redeeming method, priority, and relationship with campaigns here.

Select E-shop to guarantee that this offer is valid just in the e-shop. When you tick Apply automatically, the reward is redeemed every time the purchase meets all conditions. Limit the voucher validity to one month from the voucher issuing date.


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Upload an image for customers to see when the reward is viewed in an e-shop, website, or mobile app.


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