Loyalty 03: High Loyalty Points Balance

Key Metric: Reducing excessive points accumulation
Average Result: 64% higher points usage in the top 10%


Metric Detail: The total amount of loyalty points used by customers with the highest points balance (top 10%) increased by 64% after deploying this workflow.

Workflow Detail: When a customer accumulates a high volume of points but does not redeem them, something is wrong. This workflow targets such customers and incentivizes them to get their rewards. This workflow communicates with the “Points Expiration” workflow to limit the number of communications about points to a reasonable level.

Workflow Preview:


See the details of this workflow in CareCloud Platform Demo here or ask for your access details.

Step by step description

Below is a description of each node in the workflow with an explanation if needed.


This workflow is triggered every month. In this case, it´s the twenty-fifth day at 9:45 am.



Selecting customers

Set a "Condition" node to filter the customers. Define a condition that only the customer whose actual sum of points is more than 500 will enter this workflow. We set an auxiliary event for the proper functioning of the workflow. This event marks the customer as being contacted so that the system won't send them an email every month.



Now we go back to the "Condition" node to define the second condition. This time we set only customers who haven´t been contacted in the last three months to stay in this workflow.


This workflow ends for customers that don´t match at least one of these conditions - has less than 500 points or has been contacted.

Communication channel

Since email is free, we check if we know the email address. If yes, we send an email with available benefits and possible discounts. Set "Send email" node and choose the design from the dropdown.

In case we don´t have an email, we try the phone number and send the same information via SMS.

Note: the email and SMS have to be designed first in the Campaing & Segmentation App