Add a table to the e-mail by moving the "Table" instrument to the desired position.

A form will appear.


Select the "Data" option.

Internal database

Select the data source - internal database.

Select the group of data according to which the following variables will appear.

Choose the desired variables. Each variable will have its column.

The selected variables will appear.

Change the order of the columns by moving the variables by the "Move" icon.

Click on the "Delete" icon to delete a variable from the table.

If needed, click in the text field and rewrite the name of the column.

XML feed

Select the "XML feed" option.

Insert the URL with the XML location.

Insert the names of the fields from the header separated with a semicolon.

When everything is set, click on the "Confirm" button.


To learn how to set the "Layout", click here.

Style of Labels

To learn how to set the "Style of Labels", click here.

Style of Values

To learn how to set the "Style of Values", click here.