General helps you work with CareCloud more efficiently and comfortably. Guides here serve as general and cross-sectional knowledge that makes working with CDP & CRM CareCloud faster. For guidance on a specific application, navigate in the left menu to the relevant application name.

Below, you will find a list of guides with a short description of their purpose and content. To view the full guide, click on the relevant link.

Glossary of Terms

All of the essential CareCloud terms are laid out in this glossary. This alphabetical glossary helps you understand CareCloud features and articles in the User guide. View the full list here.

Customer Application Guide

Not enough resources or time to develop your own customer-facing app? Take advantage of the out-of-the-box CareCloud Customer App! Customers can view their profile, vouchers, order history, membership level, points collected, etc. Also, customers can purchase or redeem their benefits in this app, making your loyalty program fully digital!
View the guide here.

Guide to Tables

This guide helps you work more efficiently with tables that you will encounter in CDP & CRM CareCloud. We will walk you through different actions and controls to show you their effect on tables. After reading this guide, you will use CareCloud tables in the most efficient manner.
View the guide here.


Event is a versatile entity in the CareCloud Platform that allows you to achieve customized segmentation and automation possibilities. Event is the universal way how to make CareCloud solve specific use cases. View the guide here.