Designing e-mail

A new e-mail design can be created in two ways. While in Campaign E-mail templates, click on the "Plus" icon.

Or click on "E-mail design and content" - "E-mail Design builder".

New template

Learn how to create a new template that you can use in a marketing campaign here.

Add instruments

Instruments build the e-mail design. Learn how to use blocks, titles, text fields, pictures, labels, social networks, buttons, header, footer, separators, HTML code, dynamic feed, recomendation engine, rating and countdown.


Set the responsivity

Set how the e-mail will display on the desktop or mobile devices. Learn how to do so here.

Check the e-mail design

Testing is crucial. Learn how to check the e-mail design in a preview here.

Create a header

Learn here how to insert a name, subject, preheader, and other information.


Use the e-mail design in campaigns

Learn how to create an e-mail campaign here.