Create a new Audience

To create a new campaign, click on the "E-mailing - Audiences".

The Audience list table will appear.

In the header of the table, click on the "New audience" icon in the table header.

A Create an Audience form will appear.


Fill in the Audience name and Audience description.

Set if a Comparison group should be created.

When checked, a random sample of 10% of customers in the audience is set aside into the Comparison group and is used in Campaign Reporting to provide benchmark values.

Then it is possible to segment customers by various criteria - Consent types criteria, Settings of partners and business units, Socio-demographic criteria, Purchasing behavior, RFM criteria, Shopping cart criteria, Loyalty program

Contact sources criteria, Transaction type, Select customers by previous audiences, Exclusion of customers according to previous audiences, Select customers by existing customer segments created in administration, Exclusion of customers according to existing customer segments created in administration, Additional details criteria, Selection of customers by previous e-mail campaigns, selection by Click&Collect Criteria and Select by account relations reservations.

When eveything is set, click on the "Save Audience" button.

The newly created Audience will appear in the table Audience overview.

Each Audience has options to view the entered criteria, Contact details, AB testing, create a campaign from the segment, Duplicate the segment and Delete the segment.