New template

Select between the E-mail elements layout selection, Your e-mail patterns, or E-mail design inspirations in the top part of the screen.


Choose one of the pre-defined e-mail templates. The icons symbolize the composition of the essential elements.


The E-mail designer will appear.


In the center of the screen, there is a working place where you can create the e-mail design.

There is a Menu with design instruments, colors set, and font settings on the left side. There are instruments such as New block, which will create a new block that can be divided into several parts, Title, Text, Picture, Group, Social networks, Button, Header, Footer, Separator, HTML, Dynamic feed, Recommendation engine, and Rating.


In the bottom part, you can see a timeline of the e-mail creation. First, you select the template, then create the design and content, after you check how the e-mail will display on different devices. In the end, you will create a header.