Header creation

Click on the "Header Creation" in the bottom part of the Designer.

A form will appear.

Insert the Design Name.

Insert the Subject of the e-mail.

Select a partner.

Select the communication language of the template.

Insert an Alias - a name that will be displayed to the customer in the mailbox.

Insert a Sender. An e-mail address form which the e-mails will be sent.

Select whether the template should be sent to the accounts with unexpressed or canceled agreements to marketing communication. This option is used mainly for system e-mails, such as password recovery, etc.

Insert a Preheader. Preheader is a text that is displayed after the subject in the e-mail preview.

Select if the template should be used as a pattern. Select if the template is a system template or not - system templates have special reporting.

To save the template, click on the "Save" button.

To save the template and continue editing, click on the "Save & Continue" button.