PUSH Notifications Templates

A campaign is a series of organized actions that are done for one purpose, and a marketing campaign is a planned sequence of activities and processes that promote an individual product or service. You can use and coordinate a multitude of communication channels to deliver effective results within a personalized omnichannel marketing campaign in the CareCloud platform.

PUSH notification template is pre-made content that you can send to customers via campaigns or marketing automation workflows. You can create and choose from different templates. There are two categories of templates - campaign templates and system templates.

Campaign templates can be used for each new campaign, such as a winter clothing promotion or special product discounts. That means you create a new template for every new campaign.

System templates are templates designed for repeated tasks or situations, such as new customer registration or forgotten password. You can then use these templates in the long term and only adjust their content whenever necessary.

If you want to create a new template, follow this guide.