Statuses /membership levels

Your customer program may add escalating customer benefits and reward-earning opportunities by establishing statuses and membership levels (e.g., silver, gold, and platinum levels). You provide the most exciting rewards to the most loyal spenders based on their overall amount spent with membership levels.

Customers are assigned Statuses based on meeting the criteria you define in each Status or Membership level setting. Statuses /membership levels are an essential feature because they define the baseline collection and spending of rewards points and flat (percentage) discounts.

Open "Statuses /membership levels" in the menu.

A list of created statuses /membership levels appears.

To edit an existing status /membership level, click on the edit icon.

To add a new status /membership level, click on the Add new icon.

A pop-up window shows up.


Fill in the status name.


Choose Yes to apply all loyalty benefits (points collection, voucher assignments, points spending, etc.) or No to apply an overall percentage discount which is a flat discount in percentages that is applied to all purchases done by a customer with this status.


Set up "Points Collection" by clicking on the column and watching it unwrap.
Apply for all loyalty benefits with Yes or No for an overall percentage discount. Come up with your preferred conversion of a spent amount to rewards points. If you set up 1 EUR to be converted to 5 points, a customer gets 5 points for each Euro spent. To disable points collection, turn the switch to OFF.


Turn used loyalty points into discounts by turning the switch of Payment with points to ON. Set up the minimum order value to allow points usage. By analogy, turn it OFF to disable points spending (payment with points.)


Set the percentage of the overall discount. The percentage counts from the purchase value, and choose whether this discount should apply to discounted items as well.


Choose whether the status should be the entry status, manually or by criteria.
Entry status is the basic status granted by customer registration or signing up for the loyalty program. Option Manually refers to a person assigning a status by hand or via automation workflow. Finally, criteria allow you to set up a turnover requirement for X previous months.
If you choose “by criteria,” you also need to set the previous status. Choose it from the dropdown.


Choose "According criteria" - according to turnover or loyalty points.


If you choose turnover, fill out how much the membership level equals in all the currencies you're using.


Set up the period after which it is checked whether a customer still qualifies for current status. If not, the customer status is changed to the previous status.


If this is turned off, the validity is unlimited.

The proper setup of status /membership levels is described inside the CareCloud platform. View the guide by clicking on the relevant icon.